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June 26, 2013

Trade Magazine Publisher Fame & Fortune

It should be interesting to note that in a country of about 250 million people, nearly everyone is seeking some kind of part time income, business starting ideas, news and views on financial matters, moneymaking ventures, a profitable cottage industry
Trade Magazine Publisher Fame & Fortune
It should be interesting to note that in a country of about 250 million people, nearly everyone is seeking some kind of part time income, business starting ideas, news and views on financial matters, moneymaking ventures, a profitable cottage industry… or a way to enhance their lifestyle in some way. One of the most popular of all spare time businesses is mail order selling. Surprisingly, there are relatively few publications currently in print for this vast market.
Yes, there are a few slick magazines and professional trade papers serving the direct mail (usually referred to as direct marketing) field…those megabucks companies who mail tons of letters and brochures, run full page ads in national publications, and whose advertising budgets are in the tens of thousands of dollars annually. On the other end of the scale, we have a few good publications for the beginner, the hobbyist and the person looking for spare time income.
There seems to be a void between these two extremes, however, specifically the small to medium mail order operator who has apparently been overlooked by all publishers. There are approximately 300 smaller publications currently in existence, mostly the one or two-page variety known as ad sheets, but these are primarily self serving, basically in print to make money for each publisher, but contributing very little to the overall mail order field or to the individual small or mid-size dealer. Many of these smaller papers lack the quality of appearance or physical size, and the result is that they don”t attract attention or command the respect that large publications enjoy.
CAN YOU FILL THE VOID? There is a definite need for a good mid-size trade magazine, and the market is out there. What requirements would be needed for entering the field with a new publication? Aside from the capital, a background in advertising, marketing, direct mail or sales would certainly help. Experience in printing, graphic arts or as an employee at a newspaper or magazine would certainly be an asset. But all these can be learned, so a lack of any of them need not deter you from becoming a publisher of a trade magazine. If you have the desire and interest, spend some time at your local public library and check out some of the books that can give you a crash course in publishing. You can then buy a few to use as daily reference guides to help you in your new venture.
Naturally, it will require money to put this idea into print, but the amount is negotiable, depending on what scale you wish to begin, how elaborate you plan to make your publication, how my issues will be printed, etc. Will you go alone as a sloe proprietorship, as a partnership with your spouse, relative or friend, or will you incorporate and take on several partners, each of whom will invest a predetermined dollar amount in the new venture? The answers to these questions will help determine the starting level. You might plan to invest $50,000 in getting your first issue into print. Then again, you may not. If necessary, you can do it for about $100. This meager amount will get you into print on the lowest possible scale, with the smallest size, least number of pages, and fewest number of copies printed. But at least it will be a start. Let”s be a little more realistic while still being on the conservative side, and estimate an investment of $1,000. There are many small publication on the market that probably are published for that amount or even less.
THREE BASIC ELEMENTS These are what will determine success…or lack of it:
1. CIRCULATION- The smaller ad sheets generally have a circulation of 1,000 copies or less per issue. Some of the better magazines and papers boast 3,000 to 5,000 circulation… and few will quote circulation figures of about 10,000. Anything less than 5,000 probably won”t be worthwhile if you hope to gain recognition and enjoy growth as a publisher, so try to make that figure your minimum target.
2. CONTENTS- Aside from physical appearance, which should certainly be first rate (typesetting, graphics, halftone illustrations, paper stock, cover design, layout) a new publication will be judged on it”s contents. A worthy magazine will have its readers” interests in mind by including material to help them start a new business, increase results of their existing business, keep them abreast of new trends, developments or changes in the field that might reflect on their operations. Primary features will include articles by recognized authorities, writers who have something to contribute, new ideas, book reviews, news about latest products on the market, an editor″s page, letters from readers…anything that will help make your publication read and valued. A supply source directory or listing is another important feature that will be found in a good magazine.
3. ADVERTISING- This is what feeds your publication, keeps it growing and growing. An adage which has become overused but is still valid is ‘Without advertising a terrible thing happens: NOTHING.’ Businesses must advertise to sell…a magazine must solicit their advertising business to survive. There must be a marriage between advertising and editorial content that blends and balances, keeping both reader and advertiser happy. You need advertising revenue to keep your publication in existence, but too much of it with little readership and people will not read or subscribe. Too many features without advertising to support the magazine and you will lose money. You should strive for a 70/30 ratio at the start with readership on the heavy side eventually trying for a 50/50 balance.
There is no definite answer to this, but a good rule-of-thumb is $1 per inch of space per each 1,000 readers. If your circulation is 5,000 then a fair ad rate would be $5 per inch. When you grow to 10,000 circulation you can then increase the ad rate to $10 per inch and so on. To get an overview on the subject, pick up several magazines with various circulation figures and check the ad rates for each.
You will then be able to more accurately determine your own ad rate schedule and scale rates according to the space you sell from a single one column inch to half page and full page ads. Naturally, the big money is selling the larger space, but the majority of steady advertisers will be using the smaller one and two inch ad sizes. Be Sure To Include A Classified Section Many advertisers, especially beginners, swear by classified advertising, so you should offer it. Most authorities agree that classified advertising, dollar for dollar spent, is the advertisers” best buy. Results are usually smaller, but so is the cost to advertiser compared to larger space. Your ad rate should be approximately 5 cents per word per thousand readers. A magazine with 10,000 circulation would then charge 50 cent per word. All such discussions about ad rates is speculative at this point. After your first issue is in print, you can analyze the entire situation and make price adjustments as necessary.
This is probably the most difficult part of putting a magazine together, and if you don”t have prior experience, you may have to employ some outside help. You can purchase layout sheets from a graphic arts supply store. these are sheets lined in light blue ink indicating where to place copy, illustrations, ads, headlines, etc. The printer″s camera doesn”t see the blue, so the lines won”t be printed, just the copy you have pasted on it. Use rubber cement or a wax stick for laying out your copy. It”s fast, efficient and clean.
Let”s make this distinction: You will be the publisher of your magazine, the one who makes it available to the public. The printer is the one who does the physical work of putting ink to paper. Some publishers also do their own printing, but most of them sub-contract the actual printing to a commercial print shop. Even before you have everything ready, shop around and talk to your local printers. Tell them what you plan to do and ask for a price quotations on printing your magazine. Try to get at least 10 estimates because prices vary greatly among printers. If you need some help with the layout or typesetting, ask if they will be willing to assist you, and at what additional cost.
Professional typesetting is very expensive. You can save this expense by doing all your own typesetting on an electronic typewriter, PC or word processor. Later on you might want to invest in one of the new desktop publishing systems that can pay for itself many times over. Whatever method you use to write your editorial material, type one section at a time, then paste it on your layout sheet as it will appear in the final printing. This is the most economical method, but it is rather time consuming, so you might want to turn this chore over to your spouse, family member, partner or an outside typist. There are many home typists who will be happy to do this job for you, and the cost is relatively low.
Long before you begin preparing your layout sheets for your magazine, go after advertisers. There are three ways to go about it:
1. Run a small ad of your own in publications that are currently read by the very type of advertiser you want in your publication.
Reach a greater share of your market for less. Target date March 1st. Projected circulation: 10,000. Special low introductory rates for new advertisers. Write for Discount Rate Card and special offer.
2. Scan all the publications carrying your potential future advertisers, clip their names and send them your discount offer. Make it enticing because you″ll need all the advertisers you can get. Don”t be afraid to give them half price, one time discounts. include your offer in a good sales letter and circular or brochure that fully describes your new magazine. Be sure to include a listing of all the important features you will be publishing.
3. Rent a list of businesses suitable for your magazine. If you live in a moderate to large city, check your local Yellow Pages for list brokers (under the Advertising heading) and call them. tell them the type of names you″re looking for. Make the same type of introductory discount offer as above. remember: For your first issue you want to get as many new advertisers as possible, regardless of what size space they buy, or whether you make a profit or not. Your objective should be to make your magazine familiar to potential new advertisers so they will come back and repeat their ad schedules.
A little trick that some publishers use is to clip ads of some of the top names from other magazines and reprint them in their own publication free. It can serve two purposes; First, it adds prestige to the magazine by implying that the advertisers have paid to be there, giving a good impression to other potential advertisers; and second, if the advertisers get good results from this freebie, they might want to come back with a paid ad in subsequent issues. To do this right, of course, you should key each ad and send a checking copy to all advertisers you have included, informing them of the free ad so they can check results. However you get advertisers for your premier issue, don”t be too concerned with making a profit from them at this early stage. You might, or you might break even… but you will probably lose a little. the profits will begin coming when each advertiser starts repeating in future issues.
When your magazine comes from the printers you″ll want to get it out to the readers and potential subscribers as quickly as possible…and to as many as possible. If you have predetermined a circulation figure of 10,000 copies, most of them will be given a free. That part will really hurt your budget, but it”s an expense that you″ll have to face. You can”t very well run an ad hoping to sell 10,000 copies. It would probably take several months to a year to get them distributed, and you need speed right now.
You″ll have to rent a name list. You″ll also have to mail under a Bulk Mailing List, so check with your local post office and apply for one early. the savings will be well worth it.
When mailing sample copies be sure to include a strong pitch for subscriptions. You″ll probably have a cover price of about $2 or 43 with a subscription price of about $12 to $20. Somewhere between idea and publication date you″ll have to decide whether your magazine will be a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. it would be a pretty good idea to begin with a quarterly until you get your bearings and get a few issues into print. You can always step things up and publish extra issues if the opportunity is there, but it can mean disaster if you commit yourself to a monthly and can”t meet the deadline. Advertisers and subscribers will be on your neck. play it safe and give yourself some breathing room with a quarterly.
In your mailings of sample issue, be sure to include offers for advertising at special introductory rates, possibly a discount on a trail subscription. Within the magazine itself, you should also have some offers of your own, special products of interest to readers; books, reports, services you offer - anything that can be helpful to others and profitable for you. So, is there room for a new, quality magazine? Of course. There will always be room for new blood in any field, and there will always be someone with insight, daring and initiative to start a new magazine.
Why not you?
In the above example a general mail order magazine as the example in this report, but the principles can be applied to any market within the general mail order scope: Classified advertisers, Book & Information Sellers, Consultants and services, copywriters, artists, legal aid, etc. Whatever your field of interest, check the magazines already in print. If there isn”t a good one, now”s the time to start your own. If you don”t, somebody else will.

January 7, 2013

Over 100 Excellent Part-Time Businesses

October 14, 2012

However you decide to sell your creations, you can quickly build this into a very profitable part

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However you decide to sell your creations, you can quickly build this into a very profitable part time (or fill time) business in which you can make $100 or more per hour. Even if you work only 10 hours a week, $1000 weekly isn″t to be scoffed at.

April 27, 2012

As business people, writers, and others become more familiar with the services provided by

As business people, writers, and others become more familiar with the services provided by independent word processors, the demand for these services is bound to grow. This type of service is ideal for the small business person”s use. Instead of hiring a part-time secretary and having to pay the attendant benefits and taxes, a small business person can utilize the services of an independent word processor and thus keep down their overhead.

February 12, 2012

Over 100 Excellent Part-Time Businesses

November 16, 2011

You can begin your catering service out of your own home, using a spare bedroom as your office

You can begin your catering service out of your own home, using a spare bedroom as your office. You can use your own kitchen (but be careful about Health Department regulations) or perhaps rent a kitchen in a restaurant, school, or church on an as-needed basis. You needn”t employ any full-time waiters or bartenders etc.,there”s a whole army of part-time people out there willing to work when you need them. There are very few items you may need to cater an affair that you can”t rent for the day, these include china, flatware, glasses, tents…

September 19, 2011

However you decide to sell your creations, you can quickly build this into a very profitable part

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However you decide to sell your creations, you can quickly build this into a very profitable part time (or fill time) business in which you can make $100 or more per hour. Even if you work only 10 hours a week, $1000 weekly isn”t to be scoffed at.

August 23, 2011

However you decide to sell your creations, you can quickly build this into a very profitable part

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However you decide to sell your creations, you can quickly build this into a very profitable part time (or fill time) business in which you can make $100 or more per hour. Even if you work only 10 hours a week, $1000 weekly isn”t to be scoffed at.

April 1, 2011

If you are willing to start smaller and grow more slowly, you can probably start for a lot less

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If you are willing to start smaller and grow more slowly, you can probably start for a lot less. If you do all the cleaning and marketing yourself and use your home as your office, you can get your business started on a wing and a prayer. Some individuals start out part time, holding on to their full time jobs and cleaning at night and expanding contract by contract.

December 21, 2010


In this report you will discover a wide variety of money-making options available to anyone who owns a car, van, or pickup truck, and is willing to turn it into oriented transportation
In this report you will discover a wide variety of money-making options available to anyone who owns a car, van, or pickup truck, and is willing to turn it into oriented transportation.
If you are like most people, you have dreamed of owning your own business and being your own boss for years! The problem is that you just don”t know how to get started, or what business to get into.
Have you also thought about where you would come up with the money to get started in a business? Of course you have! But the beauty of using your own vehicle to make money is that your business investment is already behind you!
Providing services is the fastest growing and highest paying business fields you can enter today. Using your own vehicle to make money is perhaps one of the most underrated opportunities to generate needed cash.
As the cost of living continues to soar, most people have found that their regular jobs just don”t pay them enough. What they need is a career change or extra income. Starting your own part-time or full-time business can be the difference between making ends meet or ending up hopelessly in debt.
This report will allow you to explore money-making avenues you have perhaps never considered before. One opportunity presented in this report may lead to other ideas that are not. The process will help you decide what business you want to get into with your vehicle. Basically there are two–product and service. You can sell products or perform a needed service. Occasionally the two can be combined.
Once you are certain you really want to start your own business, remember that self-motivation is what causes people to follow through with action. What is your motivation? A new home? Getting away form a job you detest? Making enough money to provide your family with a better quality of life? Whatever your motivation, it will be the driving force that helps you succeed!
Try to choose the type of business you will feel the most comfortable in. It will be difficult to remain enthusiastic and confident if you aren”t happy doing your work.. Seek encouragement from your family and friends. Prepare yourself mentally for success. Any- one can deal with being physically tired. But if you are doing something that creates emotional strain, that can be debilitating.
To be successful, a business must learn marketing methods and techniques that attracts customers. Whether you are working part-time or full-time, selling a product or a service, working out of your home or office, you can”t survive if money isn”t changing hands.
In order for that exchange to take place, consumers must be aware that your product or service exists. They must also know that it fills a need, solves a problem, is fairly priced, has value, provides benefits, is attainable, and where they can go to obtain it.
There are many ways to market a product or service, including: Newspaper and magazine ads, direct mail, flyers, brochures, business cards, or television and radio. Whatever advertising medium is used, it will be up to you to:
1) Get prospects ATTENTION;
2) Create a continuing INTTEREST
3) Arouse their DESIRE; and
4) Move them to ACT!
In effect, it is marketing skills that will make others want to purchase your offer.
There are basically two forms of advertising, classified and display. Classified ads appear in newspapers, magazines, and makes statements that prompt them to act. In many businesses, word-of-mouth and strategically placed hand-written ads located on bulletin boards are also effective.
According to professional advertising consultants, an ad should not tell too much or too little. The initial object is to whet the reader”s appetite and make them desire to know more about your product or service. Experts say that the real trick to getting new customers, is to create a situation where they act on impulse.
Research has shown that most buyers, whether for products or services, act on impulse. Even items considered necessities are chosen and purchased on impulse. You must excite a prospect enough to act on impulse Now! If your ad doesn”t tell enough (in whatever form your ad appears in), interest will not be aroused enough to cause decisive action. Ironically, if an ad tells too much, excitement and desire can disappear quickly.
Besides metro newspapers, most cities and towns have regional or local newspapers that are issued on a weekly or semi-weekly basis. These papers fill a need within the area they serve, and ads placed in these publications are usually highly successful.
However, the key to your success will ultimately be in selling yourself. Your best references will be satisfied customers who are willing to do repeat business with you. Through word-of-mouth, they will begin to tell their friends, relatives, and neighbors to do business with you also. As the cash begins to pour in with no end in sight, then you will understand the meaning of Success!
By hiring local, church, and school groups you won”t have to do any of the door to door selling yourself unless you want to. You can use your vehicle to sell your products just about anywhere you park, or make special deliveries for an extra charge. These are not your run-of-the-mill wreaths like those found in most retail outlets. Your Christmas Wreaths will provide a huge profit margin. If you want to get involved in a billion-dollar-a-year business, and make up to $25,000 or more for 2-3 months of work, write to: AMERICAN WREATH RING COMPANY, 1114 Birch Street, Boontown, NJ 07005, and ask for details.
If you can read a tape measure and cut a straight line, you can become a highly-paid, independent carpet layer. It doesn”t take a lot of expensive tools and supplies to get into the carpet laying business, but you will need a vehicle to transport carpet.
Carpet laying isn”t a profession that requires a special education, but there are tricks of the trade that should be learned. You can do that by working for another carpet layer for awhile, or reading books on the subject. Experience is the best teacher, however, and after a few installations you will gain confidence.
As a carpet layer you can charge up to several dollars per square yard for installation. A higher rate can be charged for jobs that are more time consuming, such as linoleum or inlaid flooring jobs.
Once you have gained experience you should be able to easily lay 30 yards of carpeting per hour. That can amount to hundreds of dollars per day as you lay carpeting in houses, hospitals, apartment buildings, schools, churches, and any other place that requires your services. The potential to earn big money is enormous!
Load up your vehicle and make big money selling imported, easy-to-sell novelties including: water snakes, needle threaders, key rings, Chinese yo-yo”s, electronic TV antennas, X-ray glasses, trick playing cards, personal alarms, miniature flashlights, and much more. For more information write to: LAKESIDE PRODUCTS CO., 6646 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60645 .
You can fill a hole in the marketplace with a Novus Windshield Repair franchise. This company has a revolutionary way to repair stone-damaged and scratched windshields quickly and inexpensively. For more information write to: NOVUS WINDSHIELD REPAIR, 10425 Hampshire Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 555438.
Carpet cleaning is a great business to be in, especially if you enjoy earning $30 an hour! Von Schrader Associates who go into business for themselves clean carpets, upholstery and walls in homes, offices, restaurants and stores.
The Von Schrader Company will help you start your own profitable business with no ongoing leases, franchise fees, rentals, dues or royalties to pay. The money you make is all yours! For more information write to: The Von Schrader Company, 1600 Junction Ave., Racine, WI 53403.
Chimney sweeps easily earn $20.00-$30.00 per hour! Cleaning chemicals used are very inexpensive (only $2-$3 per cleaning) leaving a huge 97%-98% profit on every job. Just one job per evening could earn you up to $2,500.00 per month working part-time. Every chimney is a potential job. For more information write to: BLACK MAGIC CHIMNEY SWEEPS, 3548 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672.
There are millions of smokers who will buy Bic lighters when they are placed next to cigarette machines. There is an enormous profit potential. Learn how to operate your own vending route full-time or part-time. No experience necessary. Write To: VENDGOOD MANUFACTURING CORP., 5011 Argosy #5, Huntington Beach, CA 92649.
If you enjoy working outside, being your own boss, and setting your own hours, a groundskeeper service may be ideal for you.
Groundskeeping duties include mowing lawns, raking leaves, trimming and planting shrubs, bushes, hedges, flowers and trees. It also means trimming branches, weed control, applying fertilizer, and minor landscaping.
As a groundskeeper there are no limits to finding jobs. You can find yourself working the grounds of hospitals, hotels, golf-clubs, churches, parks, and even cemeteries. Whether public or private, if owners don”t have time to do the yardwork, you can provide the service for them.
In your service business you will need a lawn mower, rake, hedge trimmer, spade, hoe, wheelbarrow, portable chemical spray tank, and miscellaneous tools that you probably already own.
To learn about groundskeeping duties you can check out books from your local library that deal with plants, lawns, trees, shrubs, fertilizing, as you require information on specific duties. You should be able to earn anywhere from $10 to $25 or more per hour.
Every person in America wears shoes. The Mason Shoe Company has been manufacturing top quality shoes for decades. If you want to work your own hours, earn good pay, and have satisfied customers call you when they order again, write, to: MASON SHOE COMPANY, 1251 1st Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729.
You can earn up to $500.00 in a single day refinishing furniture. That”s more than
many people earn in a week, or even a month! If you enjoy working with your hands and getting paid top dollar for it, you can learn all the trade secrets by writing to the following address and asking for their free catalog. Write to: MINUTEMAN, INC., 115 N. Monroe, Waterloo, WI 53594.
If you want to become part of one of the hottest new concepts ever to hit the auto appearance industry, Polish Masters will show you the way! With their system you can earn up to $400 per day cleaning and polishing autos, boats, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, RV”s, and airplanes. There is no franchise fee and the market is huge. Ask for their free information package. Write To: Polish Masters, 364 Ramble Ridge Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.
Earn up to $30,000 per year working two hours per day part-time. Amazing new process restores burned, cut, and damaged countertops without replacing whole sections. Millions of apartments, homes, offices, bars, motels, and restaurants need restoration services. Write to: RENEW, P.O. Box 9900, Vancouver, WA 98664.
Drive to just about any location and set up shop making and selling special entertainment balloons. This ‘all-cash’ business that draws people like a magnet, can earn you up to $500.00 per day. Everything you need to get started in this lucrative and highly profitable business is provided by this company. Write for free information to: AMERICAN SHOWCASE, Bridge Rd., Box 250, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607.
This company is seeking freelance personnel to sell items such as pens, pencils, stationery, calendars, caps, etc. Write to: TOWER PRODUCTS, INC., P.O. Box 15184, Lenexa, KS 66215.
Now you can profit from the health craze sweeping across America. You can sell over 325 popular vitamin and food supplements and distribute their catalog in various ways. Write to: VITAMIN POWER, Box 3037, Freeport, NY 11520.
It”s easy to get started in the vinyl repair business. Jobs are everywhere…auto dealers, car shops, hospitals, factories, offices, hotels and clubs. A 30-minute job can net you $15-$30 dollars. For more information write to: VINYL INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, 2021 Montrose, Chicago, IL 60618.
Now you can own your own removable tattoo business and make money just about anywhere you want to set up a sign or booth. As the crowds get in line you can apply quality tattoos in seconds. Over 200 designs to choose from. Make thousands weekly and travel anywhere you want to. For more information write to: DON LINGS REMOVABLE TATTOOS, P.O.. Box 309, Butterfield, MN 56120.
Pace Products, Inc. will show you how to make huge profits with your own roof renewal business. Seamless spray and Park-King black top sealers are highly regarded in the industry. Write to: PACE PRODUCTS, INC., P.O. Box 10925, Overland Park, KS 66210.
The Wash On Wheels Company is a leader in mobile pressure washing, building restoration, and liquid sandblasting. This is a booming field used by professional people, new and used car dealers, taxi businesses, schools for busses, freight companies for their fleets of trucks, and many, many more. For free information you can call collect (717) 334-9161 or (305) 321-4010.
To counter the growing cost of living, many people have turned to less expensive firewood to heat their homes. Every year more people are installing wood-burning furnaces in their homes and workshops. If you own some wooded land, or know where you can lease land, clear land, or buy cut logs at wholesale prices, you should be able to sell all the firewood you can get for up to $100 or more per cord (8″ long, by 4″ wide, by 4″ high).
provide the service for them.

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